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Hello Parents and Students,  

Find below and all the details for the Sunday June 25th rehearsal and performance. And as usual, this information will be in your parent portal.  We will have a rehearsal in the morning that all students must attend and then the Show at 3:00pm. 


The Dance Affair 2023 Dress Rehearsal and Performance:

“Love or Money” 

Show Date: Sunday, June 25th, 2023 

Location: California Theater

 345 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 

Audience entrance for the 3 p.m. 

performance is on First Street.

Dancer Check entrance is on Market Street. 


Breakdown of the day:


8:30am – Market Street Check-in entrance will open for rehearsal.


9:15am – 12:40pm – Full dress rehearsal. All will enter from the Market street entrance at your call time. 


1:00pm – 2:00pm – Lunch break outdoors. 


2:00pm – 3:00pm – Market Street Check-in entrance will open for performance.


3:00pm – Love or Money!



There is free parking on Sundays Downtown before 6pm  as well as several parking garages in the immediate area. 

There is a parking garage at the Convention Center on Market Street as well as one on 2nd and West San Carlos, there is a  link on the website for the California Theater as well, I also have the link here



This is a mandatory full dress rehearsal! Be on time as we cannot wait for you. All dancers in one routine should be ready with full costume at their call time. Plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need before recital eve or recital day. Parents may record and take photos during the rehearsal but not during the show. 

If you are a parent dresser, you should take this morning time to meet with parents of the students you are assisting.  


DURING MORNING DRESS REHEARSAL: parents only may sit in the theater and watch as much of the rehearsal that you want to.  Dress Rehearsal will be an opportunity for backstage parents and all the students to see the show. Backstage  parents are not in charge of your kids during the rehearsal, only during the actual show. Students under 12 should be under parent supervision during the rehearsal. Be ready to go on stage and perform for your rehearsal time by lining up 1 number before. 

After you have rehearsed you are free to go and rest so that you can come back and be ready to return at the suggested check in time for the afternoon performance.


Backstage Check-In:  ALL dancers, class parents and backstage help MUST check in at Market Street entrance between 2pm and 3pm. Only those that have a name at the check in entrance will be allowed backstage. All other family members must purchase a ticket and sit in the audience to see the show.  

 Before and during the show NO ONE will be allowed backstage unless you are on the list!! Please understand we do this for the safety of all! 

If YOU only have one dance- All dancers that are in only one number must check in completely dressed in their  costume & dance shoes and have their make up already on. If you want to send your dancer in with a cover-up over  their costume please make sure it has an open front or can be easily slipped over the head without affecting their hair or makeup and make sure it  is clearly labeled with their  name. When they check in they will NOT be allowed to carry in any extra baggage. Class Parents’ will be equipped  with bobbie pins, safety pins, and make up for touch up jobs and emergencies.  Please do not come to the check in table and ask to go backstage to change your child. This is not allowed.  Please do this before you arrive at the theater check in table.  The assistants at the table do not have the  authority to allow parents and other family backstage. They are following RULES set by Erica and staff. 

All dancers in more than one number must arrive with all costumes and accessories necessary for the recital. 

  1. PHOTOS & VIDEO: You may video record and photograph all you want at the morning rehearsal. You will NOT be  allowed to bring photo or video equipment into the theater at the actual performance. Please notify relatives and  friends that cameras will be collected at the door. The show will be professionally taped and you can purchase ordering online at .
  2. HAIR AND MAKEUP: We will have a hair stylist and makeup artist backstage at the basement level starting at 2pm to help anyone that needs assistance. 
  3. FOOD: If you will be at the theater all day bring lunch – we will break for lunch between 1pm – 2pm. . Eat outside NOT backstage or in the  theater. If you bring food or drinks during lunch please change into street clothes to eat outside. NO eating in your costume.  Bring  a cover up so you will not spill or get make up on yourself. NO FOOD ALLOWED IN THE THEATER. 


  1. Class parents and backstage helpers: will remain backstage for the entire afternoon performance. NO BACK  AND FORTH TO THE AUDIENCE!!! Please watch the show as much as you want during the morning dress rehearsal. 
  2. DURING THE AFTERNOON SHOW: NO students or PARENTS will be allowed to go back and forth from the backstage area to the audience or leave the premises during the show.  
  3. PICK-UP after the show: All Stars classes (Shining, Shooting and Sparkle Hip Hop Acro, Mini Musical) will be picked up on stage after the show if they only have one dance and one costume. If they have more than one dance they will return to their dressing room to gather their things and go to the check out area at the Market Street entrance.   ALL Dancers with multiple dances return to their designated assigned areas to collect items and go to the check out table.  Please tell your child you will meet them at the checkout door. Speak to your children about the importance of staying with their group or assigned person and in their assigned area during the show. 
  4. Here is your dancers checklist for the day:
  • NO JEWELRY this includes but is not limited to: friendship bracelets and earrings. Please use hair ties and bobby pins that match your hair color.
  • NO NAIL POLISH on fingers or toes. 
  • NO RUB ON TATTOOS. Take them OFF. 
  • TIGHTS should be the specified brand “Revolution”. No holes or runs so bring an extra pair. Tights are on sale in the office. 

Basic stage make-up: Base coat slightly darker than skin tone, blush, true red lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and  eyeshadow brown/white. Makeup is used for all dancers in order to see their feathers on stage. When makeup is not used, faces are washed out by lights. 

  • HEADPIECES must be secured with elastic and bobby pins. There is no excuse for head pieces falling off. 
  • COSTUMES must be neat and clean. Do not drink or eat in your costume. 
  • HAIR: All hair requirements for each dance are in your parent portal. Wear hair accordingly and make sure it is secure. Use lots of gel, spray and bobby pins.