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From yoga lessons to wedding dance classes,
we have a range of additional programs to support the local community.

Class Information

First Wedding Dance

Wow your guests on your special day

Select the music you would like to use and we will choreograph the dance according to your specifications (and dress).

We can edit the music to your liking as well.

Studio Rentals

Host a workshop or fitness class

We have two studios on offer for rent at times when our classes are not being held.

Private Lessons

Learn one on one with your favorite teacher

Private lessons are offered at the dance affair upon request from the Dance Affair student or contact.
You may also wish to do semi-private lessons with a friend, family member or small group.


Bend, stretch, relax and relieve muscle tension

A yoga class that incorporates Hatha Yoga and Alignment with gentle stretch and conditioning.
The class is taught by registered yoga teacher Erica Fairfield.

Dance Track!

Achieve your goals as a dancer

Dance Track! was created to help ambitious students to prepare for cheer squad, competition, college dance programs, a career in choreography or as a teacher, or life as a professional dancer.