Private Dance Lessons San Jose, CA


Private lessons are offered at the dance affair upon request from the Dance Affair student or contact. These sessions are beneficial when a student wishes to advance their skills, practice one on one with a specific teacher or work on a particular technique or dance.

You may also wish to do semi-private lessons with a friend, family member or small group.

We will facilitate your request and match you with a teacher of your choice or one that suits your dance needs.

The prices listed below are the base price per lesson. Each teacher may have a minimum/maximum wage they require per lesson. Students will be given the teacher-required price per lesson before making the decision to accept the private lesson cost.

Private Lessons
$36/30 minutes
$54/ 45 minutes
$70/1 hour

Semi-Private Lesson
$28 ea/30 minutes
$35 ea/ 45 minutes
$45 ea/1 hour

Contact us to book your private lesson