Dance Studio Rentals San Jose, CA


Studio Rentals

The Dance Affair has two studios available for hire in San Jose.

The following conditions apply

  1. Please be respectful and treat the studio as you would your own.
  2. Lights are located at the top of the stairs.
  3. Only dance shoes or bare feet are allowed in the studios. Please ask your dancers to remove their shoes in the lobby before entering the classroom.
  4. NO fire, incense or candles are to be burned in the classrooms or studio.
  5. No smoking or alcohol drinking in the studios.
  6. Food/Drink is not allowed in the classrooms OR LOBBY AREA. Water only.
  7. Always leave the studio in the same condition you found it. Pick up after yourself and your dancers.
  8. If you are the last one to leave and you are locking up it is your responsibility to check the:
    • Heating and A/C – turn this OFF –(System button) make sure the fan is not running (turn off fan button under the system button – it is usually off – but sometimes it accidentally gets turned on) YOU WILL BE CHARGED $25 for A/C HEATING LEFT ON.
    • Lights – turn off all lights at the top of the stairs $25 charge for lights left on.
    • Turn off the bathroom lights
  9. Turn off all Stereo Equipment and remove your discs
  10. Close any open windows
  11. Lock the door when you leave. If you have a key and lose it there is a charge to replace it- Lost key $25
  12. You and your students are responsible for any damage to mirrors and other equipment incurred during your rental time.
  13. You should have your students sign a liability release form releasing the dance affair from any liability – especially if you are not providing the dance affair with an insurance document.
  14. We require one week’s notice for cancellation. Failure to do so will result in a full charge for studio time reserved.
  15. Any cancellations with 7 days or more notice will be held as a credit for future rentals within a year.
    The Dance Affair reserves the right to cancel any current reservations and to restrict future bookings for renters with outstanding payments.
  16. Additional time used after the official end of a rental will be billed to the renter.
  17. The renter can arrive up to 10 minutes early to set up. Any business after the rental time should be taken outside the classroom to allow for the next class/rental.
  18. Studio rentals are non-refundable.

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Dance Studio Rentals San Jose, CA
Dance Studio Rentals San Jose, CA
Dance Studio Rentals San Jose, CA