Recital Recovery

We hear it all the time- “Make sure you’re warmed up!” , “Stretch before you go on stage!” , “Eat your carbs for energy!” These are all helpful tips to prepare us to take the stage for recital, but, then what? What happens after a recital? Recovery practices are just as important as Preparation practices! Recovery practices help our body cool off from an intense season of training and performing, and set us up well for the next big opportunity! Our bodies still need plenty of water, electrolytes, protein, and rest! Here are some ideas to kick off your recovery routine:

1. Drink electrolytes! Avoid sugary drinks like soda or gatorade, and focus on drinks like Propel water or drink packets like Liquid IV. Electrolytes replace what our bodies have lost through sweat, balance the PH levels in your body, and move nutrients to cells.

2. Don’t forget your vitamins! Drinking some Emergen-C in the days following recital will help your body fight off the “recital crash illness.” After a high-stress season, our bodies react significantly to a sudden onset of rest. Give yourself time to adjust to a new pattern!

3. Eat a protein packed meal! Your muscles are tired and worked really hard the last few weeks. It is important to give your muscles what they need to maintain their abilities and grow stronger. Protein will help repair microtears that happen in our muscles when we exert a lot of energy.

4. R-E-S-T! Relax, Exercise lightly, Soothe hurting muscles and joints with some extra attention, and Treat yourself to activities and snacks you haven’t experienced in a while.

Recovery is just as important as preparation, and we hope these tips will help you get your recovery practice started!

The 6 P’s

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Whew! Try saying that 5 times fast! As funny as it is, it’s also true! Let’s break it down in the instance of Sally’s dance bag:

Prior Proper Planning… Prior– before, Proper– well done, Planning: thought through.
It’s Sunday night, and Sally knows that she is going over to Tracy’s house after school tomorrow before they go to dance later in the evening. Sally normally has time to run home and grab some shoes or hair ties she may be missing, but tomorrow is just not that day. The first three P’s will help her out! Sunday night, Sally examines what is in her dance bag: some old granola bar wrappers, the hair tie she snapped last week, bobby pins scattered all around the bottom,and her tap shoes. Sally takes out the wrappers and the broken hair tie and puts in her leggings, leotard, two new granola bars, and a pouch of collected bobby pins and hair ties.

…Prevents Poor Performance: Prevents– makes sure it doesn’t happen, Poor– less than ideal results, Performance– her ability to succeed!

It’s Monday, and Sally and Tracy have gotten ready for dance class after working on their math homework. Tracy’s mom drops the girls off at the studio for two long classes: Tap and Contemporary. During tap, Sally notices her hair isn’t staying up in her bun the way she would like. When the teacher is having trouble with the sound system, Sally quickly darts over to her bag, pulls out two bobby pins from the pouch, and races back to her spot before the instructor notices. She looks over to see Tracy’s posture slumped, and her gaze unfocused. Class ends, and the girls only have 2 minutes before contemporary class. Sally is tightening up her bun when she notices that Tracy is quiet and looking solemn. Tracy tells Sally she is low on energy because she forgot to eat a snack while working on their math homework. Sally pulls out the extra granola bar in her bag and hands it to Tracy. The girls go into contemporary class feeling ready to take on the new challenges.

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Sally’s thinking of preparing her dance bag on Sunday night, organizing her bobby pins, and bringing an extra granola bar helped both her ability to stay focused in class and assisted her friend to have a good class experience, too. Think about how you can use the 6 P’s this week as you get ready for class!

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