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 Starlight Holiday Show!

REHEARSAL -Saturday November 11th at The Dance Affair

Dress rehersal and costume fitting this Saturday November 11th at The Dance Affair. See schedule below!


1. Come to morning class if you have regular Saturday classes.
2. Come with your child to the rehearsal time. Arrive 10 minutes early so you have time do dress your child in the costume we provide. Each child has a bag with their costume(s) and tights in it. Bring the dance shoes that go with the costume (View below).
3. When the rehearsal time is done, put the costume and tights and accessories back in the bag and give the bag back to an assistant. We need them for show day! You will get your Holiday show T Shirt on Saturday, you may take it home!!!

Here is a schedule for Saturday Nov 11th at the Dance Affair:

Arrive:      Class:                        

12:30  Shining Stars Monday 3:45 (Happiest Christmas Tree – PINK BALLET SHOES) Indie

12:40  Galaxy Groovers Wednesday and Saturday (5 more days ’till Christmas – BLACK JAZZ SHOES) Erica

12:55   Shooting Stars Saturday 10:25 and 9:45 (Elfie Selfie – BLACK TAP SHOES) Erica & Lorelei

1:15   Shining Stars – Sat 9:00 & Thurs 4:00 (Teddy Bear – PINK BALLET SHOES) Lorelei

1:30   Hip Hop Groovers Friday 6pm(Happy in the Holiday – BLACK HIP HOP SNEAKERS) Mandee

1:45   Mini Musical Stars Fri 4:30 (Candy Cane Twist – BLACK JAZZ SHOES) Kayleigh

1:55   Shining Stars Mon 4:35 (Snowman –PINK BALLET SHOES) Erica

2:05   Sparkle Stars Mon 4pm (Best Christmas Ever – PINK BALLET SHOES) Erica

2:20   Hip Hop Stars Friday 5:15 and Sat 11:15  (Holiday Bounce – WHITE SNEAKERS OR BLACK HIP               HOP SNEAKERS) Mandee & Indie

2:35   Shining Stars Sat 9:40 class (Hang Up Your Stocking – BLACK TAP SHOES) Erica

2:45  Sparkle Groovers Wed 4:00 (Carol of the Bells – PINK BALLET SHOES) Erica

2:55  Shooting Stars Monday 4:25 (Feliz Navidad- BLACK TAP SHOES) Indie

3:05   Shining Stars Sat 10:30 (That Time of Year – PINK BALLET SHOES) Indie


This is a performance/show opportunity for our younger dancers! 

Each year The Dance Affair presents a holiday performance of our youngest dancers.

This show is open for registration to students enrolled in:

– Shining Stars – Shooting Stars – Musical Stars – Hip Hop Stars – Sparkle Ballet Stars

– Sparkle Ballet Groovers Galaxy Groovers Hip Hop Groovers


What does the $130 registration cost cover?

The $130 fee is due at the time of registration. This includes:

– Costume Rental –

Holiday Show T-Shirt

– Video Download of the show –

2 family Tickets (more tickets can be purchased separately)

Do I have to buy a costume?

No, costumes will be rented for the show, this cost is included in your holiday show registration.

What else is involved?

November 11th: Costume try on at The Dance Affair

What happens on the Day of the Performance?

The day will start at 9:00 AM at the theater for a dress rehearsal of the show. This is a closed rehearsal. You will drop off your dancer at 9am. Pick up is at 11:30/12.

Exact pick up time will be available in November.

& Where is the recital held?

Sunday December 10th, 2023

The Hammer Theater Dress Rehearsal: 9:00 AM

101 Paseo de San Antonio Backstage arrival for show: 1:00 PM

Downtown San José Showtime: 2:00 PM

What happens if I choose to not participate?

Nothing! The show is optional for all students!

If you chose to opt out, Classes will remain the same, Your dancer will learn the dance alongside their peers during class. Your dancer will not be expected to participate in the rehearsals or the show.