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The following Classes will perform at Christmas in the Park on Sunday Nov 26th at 4pm. Arrive at 3:30 to prepare. Allow time to Park your car downtown and walk to the Park.  All Dancers from those classes are invited to perform.  Please confirm your attendance with the your teacher and office.   Please meet at the Jingle Bell Stage.

Tap 1 Indie
White Shirt, black leo, black leggings, black taps shoes
Tap 2 Indie
Green Shirt, black leo, black leggings, black taps shoes
Tap 3 Indie
Red Shirt, black leo, black leggings, black taps shoes
Hip Hop 2 Kimber
Black leo and black leggings, hip hop shoes. We will provide a shirt.
Teen Ballet Kimber
Dance Affair (You will receive in class this Wednesday) Spanish Costume with Pink Tights and Pink ballet shoes hair in High bun
MT 1 Christine
Christmas Sweater, black leo, Black leggings, and jazz shoes
MT 2 Christine
Christmas Pajamas, black leo, jazz shoes
Jazz 2 Kali
Christmas headbands (Kali will provide), green shirt, black leggings, black jazz shoes.
Teen Hip Hop Kali
Santa Hat (dance affair provided), Red Shirt, black leo, Black sweatpants and Black dance shoes
Hip Hop I Kali  Black sweat pants black hh shoes, Black Leotard. T shirt from Kali
G Groover Erica
Black leo and black leggins, black jazz shoes – White and Blue Holiday Shirt (given to you at rehearsal).
Everyone should be wearing a black leotard. Everyone should have their hair in a high ponytail except noted in ballet.